Still Struggling to Control Your Blood Pressure?




If you are over the age of 18, on only ONE blood pressure medication, and still having a hard time keeping your blood pressure well-controlled, we have a new study that may be a good fit for you! This study is an add-on medication, so you will continue on your current medication and the study will even pay for that prescription during the trial.

The study is 10 Visits over 12-14 Weeks with

Compensation up to $750.

To Qualify:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Be on only ONE blood pressure medication, stable for the last 8 weeks
  • Have systolic blood pressure (top number) typically between 140-180; 130 if you are diabetic
  • Have a BMI under 50

Other qualification critiera apply. To see if you qualify, you can call our office at (210) 824-5678 to review questionnaire, or complete it online at the link below.

In this screening you will be providing personal medical information. You do not have to enter any information that you do not want to provide. The information you provide will be used to screen for this study and then added to our patient database. If you would not like to be included in our database for consideration in future studies, please call our office and your records will be destroyed.

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